We’re a long established Property Letting and Managing Agents in Brighton & Hove

A family business that truly cares about the sorts of properties and clients we do business with. We would rather house the ‘right’ tenant where other agents may house the ‘first’ tenant regardless of their circumstances.


We believe in transparency. Our fees are clearly listed and advertised at all times.


We opened 28 years ago and say with pride that we are experts in Lettings and Property Management.

Kettles On

We are friendly – come in for a chat – many of our clients and tenants do if they are passing!

The BIG difference between price and cost

“We just wanted to let you know that compared to other local agencies, you are totally transparent, no false promises and deliver a personal service. We’re so happy we moved everything over to you. I’ve got reassurance that our property is well cared for and I know exactly who is responsible for maintenance”

We make sure that both our tenants and landlords knows what’s what.

For Tenants

We provide a seamless, transparent turnkey operation with simple leases.

We do exactly what we say we’ll do, with no surprises and issues are always dealt with quickly.

For Landlords

Great tenants that can afford your property with long term expectations.

There’s no grief or no false promises and tenants who are matched with your property.

Our Current Properties

For Landlords and Tenants alike

As a letting and property management firm, with a vast reach and a dedicated team full of competency in technological and management training, market research, and transactional resources, we deliver unparalleled performance to provide an exceptional experience by building trusted relationships. We have vast knowledge of the local neighbourhoods and the current letting market conditions.

For Our Tenants

Our Properties

They move fast, normally to existing tenants or those on a waiting list.

Our Paperwork

Clean, simple contracts with contracted Landlords who care about their property.

For Landlords

The Town & Country 2018 Landlord Report

We will tell you honestly what the current market conditions are in the City and surrounding areas. Why over value to achieve business to then have to ask the client to reduce shortly after instruction? This is not an honest and open business relationship!

Property Maintenance

Fully Managed

95% of our properties are fully managed directly though us, giving you complete peace of mind.

Tenants Handbook

These are issued directly with each new tenancy explaining everything that you’ll need to know.

There are three things

That you really should know

1. When's it going to get fixed?

Although this seems to be one of the most frequently asked question in general by tenants, it doesn’t apply to us. All our tenants are aware at the start of their tenancy exactly who is responsible for what. Our Landlords have already agreed timeframe’s for repairs, so should something occur, you are assured it gets dealt with immediately in the first place.

2. How do you earn your fees?

As we only deal in lettings, we ensure that all our transactions are delivered smoothly in the first place, so each party knows exactly what to expect. We earn our fees by managing both the tenant and the landlord to ensure that all communication is kept open and transactions are completed as expected. What this delivers is happy tenants who stay and happy landlords who gain long time tenants in their property. An empty property or unhappy tenants are not options with Town And Country.

3. How much is my property worth?

The age old question of any landlord. 9/10 our answer will be, not as much as you’d like, if you want tenants that will stay as it’s price v cost at the end of the day. We deliver transparency to all our landlords and expect the same in return. We offer a great selection of tenants who are respectable and fully referenced. Our average rental term is currently 43 months and in most cases the tenants upgrade through us. Why not contact us for a valuation and see how we work.

For Our Landlords

Easy Instructions

If your paperwork is complete, we can start marketing within 24 hours of your instruction.

Management Solutions

We offer full management of your property at fair prices with 24 hour coverage.

How we deal with Property Maintenance

To ensure total transparency all our tenants are supplied with a handbook that informs them exactly who is responsible for maintenance issues and the procedures to follow. This includes full contact details and emergency numbers.

When you rent from us, you’ll see a big difference

We ensure that all our tenants know exactly what to expect and where they stand from the beginning. No nasty or hidden surprises when you least expect them. Our current average tenancy is @ 43 months

Our Landlords know that we have

  1. Over 300 existing Landlords.
  2. Over 1000 Tenants on leases.
  3. 95% of properties on full management.
  4. 2% bad debt over 30 days. 100% recovered.
  5. Less than 1 deposit dispute per year since 2007.

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Call us today on 01273 771977 or email us to enquire about our letting and property management services.

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