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What else do I need to consider when renting a property?

Some helpful advice on property letting in Brighton & Hove.

From insurance to understanding your tenancy agreement; we will help you navigate renting a property with us.

Property Insurance

It is your responsibility to insure your possessions by way of a home contents insurance policy. In the event of a leak, fire or other circumstance where your personal possessions are damaged or
destroyed, the buildings insurance policy will not cover your possessions and your Landlord will not typically compensate you.

I acknowledge that Town & Country has discussed with me the provision of an insurance policy to indemnify me for these losses and there is no insurance policy included in the Tenancy Agreement or provided by the Landlord.

Paying Your Rent

Payment of rent must be paid monthly in advance by Standing Order. You will have been provided with a Standing Order mandate in your welcome pack, which must be completed and returned to us within 7 days of commencement of the tenancy. This will be dated 3 days prior to the tenancy/ rent due date in order to allow for bank transmission times.

If you wish to change the date the rent is paid please contact Town & Country to arrange this and pay any extra rent accordingly.

In some circumstances other methods of payment are permitted to include: Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer. In the event you wish to pay by cheque this must be received at least 5 working days in advance of the rent due date to allow for clearance through the banking system. If for any reason a cheque is refused and returned to us there will be a charge incurred. Please see charge in Fee’s Section.

If your rent is late and we have to pursue you for payment, you may incur administrative charges accordingly. Please see charge in Fee’s Section.

Should you encounter any difficulties in paying your rent then please contact us immediately to discuss the situation.

If you receive Housing Benefit, your claim may not be up and running in time for your second months rent, rental payments however will still need to be made.

In the event of Sharers, we must insist that the rent is paid either by Joint Standing Order, or by one or more cheques received at the same time. Please contact Sue Boyle the Accounts Manager if these methods of payment need to be changed.

Property Tenancy Renewal

Should you wish to renew your Tenancy at the end of the agreed fixed term on a new fixed term Tenancy then we will need to agree this with your Landlord before confirming and drafting the agreement. If you wish to continue to reside in the same property at the end of the agreed period this then becomes a Periodic Tenancy.

Ending your tenancy agreement

Should you not wish to continue to rent the property at the end of the agreed period, you must inform us in writing, by letter or email, at least one month before the end of the Tenancy, in line
with the Tenancy date. If you do not inform us by the correct date, you will be responsible for a further months rent.

Once your notice has been received, we shall write to you outlining the end of tenancy procedure and provide you with instructions regarding you vacating the property. Please ensure that the property is left clean and tidy and in a similar condition as when you took up occupation.

In some cases your Landlord may require possession of your property for a variety of reasons. In the event your Landlord requires possession we will serve you with the relevant notice and let you know of the procedure and instructions you will need to follow. In the event you are served with a notice for possession, you may wish to obtain your own legal advice.

Repairs & Maintenance

Most of our properties are fully managed by Town & Country. In some cases your landlord manages any maintenance, and in the event that you require assistance, you will have been provided with
their details and should contact them directly. If your property is managed by Town & Country, the following should be noted.

Reporting a maintenance issue: To report any maintenance issues, you can contact us on 01273 771977, or send an email to jenny@brightonlettings.co.uk with ‘Maintenance’ in the subject bar. Please note that if you have an emergency please contact us via phone.

For further information on repairs & property maintenance, please download the Tenant Handbook.

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