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A few things we expect of our tenants when renting a property

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Our Tenant Checklist for Property Letting

Whilst every property will have its own unique rules and regulations, some are universal.

These include:

1. Smoking is not permitted within your property or any common way areas, unless a specific agreement has been made with Town & Country and/or the Landlord and a smoking addendum signed.

2. No noise should be audible outside your premises at any time.

3. Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated.

4. No Pets are allowed unless a specific agreement has been made with Town & Country and/or the Landlord and a pet addendum signed.

5. To keep the property suitably secured, maintained, clean and tidy.

6. Not to cause a nuisance to your neighbours or their guests.

7. To ensure any guests you may have enter and leave the property quietly.

8. No items to be left/stored in any common parts of the building, i.e prams/bikes

9. To report maintenance issues promptly.

10. Monies maybe deducted from my deposit in the event that any damage or loss is caused to the Landlord’s property, fixtures or fittings as a result of any breach by me of my obligations under the Tenancy Agreement, in line with the regulations of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

11. In addition you should take the time to introduce yourself to your neighbours, and if applicable the caretaker. They will be able to help you with any questions you may have about the building and any specific rules and regulations you need to adhere to. In some cases we may provide you with a leaflet or fact sheet specific to your property.

12. In the case of flats your Landlord will normally own the Leasehold only. Some leases have minor conditions in them such as laundry not being allowed to be dried on balconies in order to maintain the standard of the building. Unfortunately, due to the number of flats we manage we are not able to know the details of each individual building. We therefore request that if such conditions are brought to our attention, you will abide by them.

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